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The Kai Ora Fund is a small community grants process to support innovative projects that address food security, increases community resilience and everything in between. The maximum funding available per project will be $5,000. Lesser amounts may be applied for.


Type of Projects

Community Mara Kai / Food Forests

We support the creation of gardens within the community to share kai.


Community Education

We support projects that aim to share knowledge, customary techniques, skills etc.


Business / Social Enterprise

We support projects that help to increase regional economic development and local employment, whilst aligning with our values and priorities.


Environmental Stewardship

We support projects which aim to protect and regenerate the whenua/awa to increase food stability.

Kai Sharing

We support projects that aim to redistribute surplus of kai/resources and increase the availability of kai through food co-ops, food banks etc.



We support innovative projects that align with our values and priorities. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss further.



We fund groups who encourage one or more of our vision statements:

  • Increased availability, promotion, or utilisation of local healthy food to increase health and wellbeing (oranga).

  • Increased self-sufficiency and community resilience (rangatiratanga).

  • The sharing of food and gardening knowledge, including customary techniques (kaitiakitanga and mātauranga).

  • Community cooperation and connection and benefits for the wider community (whanaungatanga).

  • Increased regional economic development and local employment opportunities.

  • Environmental sustainability and stewardship (kaitiakitanga).

We favour projects that are in line with our priorities:

  •  Whanaketanga: Engage multiple partners and strengthen cooperation and regional development.

  •  Promote Equity: Prioritise lower socio-economic communities (and in particular children), or people with food security and accessibility issues.

  •  Whakapapa: Strenghthen whānau, hapu, iwi and Māori communities.

  • Sustainable: We will prioritise projects that show they can sustain their work and impact beyond the initial grant.


The 2024 funding round is now closed. 2025 dates are yet to be determined.


Funding for 2024 is now closed


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