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To be considered for funding:

  1. The applicant must complete an application on our application portal (or get in touch to request a paper copy).

  2. The applicant must have New Zealand based legal status (for example, be an incorporated society, charitable trust, a not-for-profit company, and so on).  GST registration is not a requirement.

  3. If your organisation is not a legal entity you may partner with an organisation that is.  These organisations are referred to as ‘umbrella’ or auspicing organisations.  If you use this approach you will need to work closely with the umbrella organisation and their details must be provided in the application.  The umbrella organisation will be the organisation contracted with and it will have the responsibility for managing the funding and ensuring the delivery of the project.  Information about the auspicing relationship and agreement needs to be included in (or attached to) the application. 

  4. We will prioritise projects that closely fit with the Kai Ora criteria, purpose and values.

  5. The maximum funding available per project will be $5,000.  Lesser amounts may be applied for.

  6. All successful projects must send a representative to the Kai Ora workshop in their region and be part of the Kai Ora network.  At the Kai Ora ‘workshop day’ contracting details will be confirmed and links, relationships and synergies between projects can be strengthened and fund representatives will be available to discuss any concerns and arrange ongoing support.  Workshops dates are below.

16 May - Kaitaia 

17 May - Kaikohe

23 May - Whangārei

24 May - Kaipara 


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